Feeling Macho make Tachos.

Sunday night and you’re tired. You don’t really feel like whipping up a batch of Monkfish and Cauliflower Chowder let alone you don’t have the leeks, cauliflower, fresh tarragon or monkfish to begin with. So what do you do?

You go to the freezer and after quickly nixing having fish sticks or Jamaican meat patties again. Your eyes light upon a bag of tater tots. A few minutes with the ice pick and the frozen golden nuggets of potatoes like goodness are in your hands. You think “tots for dinner not again”. No! Tonight you will make an effort and take those tots on a gourmet journey. Thus the TACHO is born.

Tacho you ask? Yes, this mythical meal does exist it is not just a rumor told on schoolyards and whispered about in man caves.  Steady yourselves while we prepare.

(Tachos are best prepared after a few drinks of choice)


Serves 6 – 8


32oz bag of Tater Tots

7oz Guacamole (homemade if you have the time)

1lbs of Pulled Pork (or leftover brisket if you’re lucky to have some)

1 Medium size Yellow Onion

4 – 7oz of Mexican Cheese

**Fresh Salsa if you like but be careful it can make the Tots soggy



Follow the directions on the bag and bake the whole bag of Tots. Add a few minutes if you like them crispy like we do in our house.

While the Tots are baking heat up the Pulled Pork or re-heat the brisket. Chop the onions.

Once the Tots are done start the layering.

  1. Tots
  2. Pork or Brisket
  3. Cheese
  4. Guacamole
  5. Chopped Onions
  6. Salsa Optional see above**


Next level Shit:

Stop at #3 and add extra cheese. Nuke for 30 seconds if the meat and tots are not hot enough to melt the cheese.  Then set up bowls around the Tatchos and fill each one with your dips of choice. Options include Guacamole, Salsa, Creamy Jalapeno, Blue Cheese dressing or Ranch.

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