I am your stepping-stone.

Project #1: Concrete Message or when flowers aren’t heavy enough

So for the first project on the can2table I decided to combine artwork I have done with a usable garden addition. Just a bit of an NSFW warning the finished product I made does contain a word that can offend the more dainty eyes among you. I still tend to think that four-letter words are hilarious. (The 12-year-old in me) You have been warned so now let’s carry on.

I will attempt to show you the steps it takes to make your our custom stepping stone emblazoned with a motto of your choosing. Don’t worry about the length of your message, motto, poem, or saying. I will show you how to make it work.

The project does initial working with power tools and cement so as always be careful and dress appropriately for the task.


Tools used:

Drill (for pilot holes and for screwing the box together)

Circular Saw (that’s what I used I’m sure you could hand saw it.)






Foam letters


    1. Figure out what size stone you want to end up with. This will dictate the size of board you’ll start off with and the length of the sideboards.
    2. Measure the main board for the layout of the lettering. The main board I used is 11 1/2 x 16 1/2.
    3. Once you have the main board cut you cut the side boards. I use 1 x 6-inch planks. The planks I cut were (2) 11 1/2 planks and (2) 18 1/2.
    4. Next, I measured out the lines for the lettering.
    5. After you lay out the letters it’s time to assemble the box. Do a test layout of the box around the sides of the main board. Mark, the inside of the box to drill the pilot holes. The holes should be along the bottom of the board and up the sides of the (2) 18 1/2 boards.
    6. With you boards ready assemble the box.
    7. Gather the supplies for pouring the cement.
    8. Before you start mixing the cement pour some water in the bottom of the bucket. Then pour in the Quickrete a portion at a time. Add more water until you get a nice slurry mix. You want to make sure that it does not look dry or gravely. 
    9. Pour it out evenly into the box. You will want to knock the sides to release and air bubbles that may have been caught in the cement when pouring.
    10. Let dry for at least 4 hours depending on the thickness of the stone. Once dry unscrew the wood sides flip it over and peel off the main board. This may be tough it can stick. 
    11. Many of the foam letters will need to be plucked out of the cement. Be aware that certain letters (A, S, B, D, P) can be tricky. The areas that are surrounded by foam such as the closed in the portion of the P can break off when you remove the foam. If you cut the parts of the foam into pieces it will pull out without removing any of the cement of the letter itself.
    12. The finished step is ready for the path or garden. Don’t worry if some of the paint or glitter from the foam letter stays in the cement. It will fade, loosen and disappear over time.


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